Modern lifestyle case health Problem

In today’s modern world to keep up with it many of us wind up neglecting ourĀ  health .some of the infinite contributing factors of detrimental health begin from untimely breakfast to over eating and other unhealthy activities in between. Some of the infinite contributing which over a period of time can develop into high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, stroke, liver disease and digestive problems, skin & hair problems, cancer, PCOD, learning and memory problems, mental health problems, social problems and alcoholism.

living unhealthy life


There isn’t a quick solution to a health problem rather it’s a long and a rigorous road of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to avoid health problems! One must eat in moderate to not become obese .a healthy diet like eggs and green leafy vegetables is a must for a good health. One must consume at least 3 to 4 liters of water every day to stay hydrated . regular exercise and a minimum 8hour sleep and regular mediation will help to fight stress and combat mental must also reduce the intake of alcohol as it is addictive and can lead to alcoholism. As the saying after all goes as health is wealth.




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